By being a member of This Chick Writes Academy, you will have our support all the way through your writing journey, be it just writing that one novel, or many more!

Are you a "chick who writes"?

This Chick Writes Academy is the perfect place for you to be, so you can finally get your novel(s) written and published!

We will support you and guide you through all the stages of your writing journey, no matter which stage you are at.

You are in Stage 3 if you’ve already finished writing your first draft and need to revise and edit it, so you can send your manuscript to your beta-readers .

Check the stages below to find out and to see how we can support you.

Stage 6:  Format and publish

Stage 4: Author mode ON

Stage 1: Planning

You are in Stage 5 if you already had your manuscript back from your beta-readers and now you need to polish it and make the final changes and revision.

You are in Stage 1 if you’ve never written a book or if you’re just starting a new one. You know you want to write a book, you have ideas, but are not quite sure of how to get started.

Which stage of your writing are you?

Stage 2: Writing

You are in Stage 4 if your book is already out with beta-readers and now you need to start working on your book cover, press release, author page and marketing strategy.

You are in Stage 2 if:

  • You’ve already developed your plot and created your characters, and just need to start writing 
  • You’ve already started writing your first draft. You may need some feedback on your chapters, you’re not so sure whether the point of view is the right one 

Stage 5: Final draft >> manuscript ready

Stage 3: Revising/editing

You are in Stage 6 if your manuscript is 100% ready to be formatted and published. Well done!!!

Why is This Chick Writes Academy perfect for you?

Writing a novel can get quite lonely. We will accompany you on your writing journey from the very beginning. You'll also be part of an amazing community of women This is the support  you'll get as a member:

"I’d never planned to write a novel and the opportunity came when I first met Dani from The Writing Shed and This Chick Writes. She saw potential and everything really started with the 5-day challenge. I had an idea of what my novel could be about, but I didn’t have a clue how to start. The challenge was very important as I was able to do all the planning. I filled out the worksheet; thought of who my characters would be and even created visual boards to get to know them better. It wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. I continue to discover who they are every day as I write and it has been fun. I’m at phase two now and I think I’ll stay on it for a while. Being part of the This Chick Writes has been amazing. I’m still organizing myself to write a bit every day and I have had all the support needed so far. Dani is always ready to answer my questions, give me feedback and guide me through to make my ideas flow."

Happy authors:

Getting the support and making yourself accountable is a great way to get motivated! Here's what a few of our authors say:

I've been "writing" this book for at least 6 years now. I've started it more times then I can count. I never got past a few pages. Now thanks to Dani and her help, I've already got a few chapters done and more are coming soon. She went way above and beyond what I ever expected. I'm writing my second book now, and having my first one being edited and republished by Dani via The Writing Shed. This book literally would never get out of the drawer if it weren't for her help. Thank you so much for everything you do Dani!!!!!

Writing a novel had been my dream for many years, but I kept struggling to make this dream a reality. Not anymore, though! When I discovered This Chick Writes, I decided to join and I’m really happy I did. Dani is always there to answer questions, give feedback or cheer me on. Writing a novel on your own is possible, but also very daunting, and it’s easy to give up when there’s no one there to guide you or to give you feedback. So to me, the advice and encouragement you receive through this program is priceless. I’m happy to say that I’ve already written 8 chapters of my new novel and I’m absolutely positive that in a couple of weeks or months, I’ll be able to type those two words that lead writers into the editing phase: The End.

Looking to get your novel(s) written and published?